Septic System Cleaning is Important to Septic Maintenance

Septic maintenance is integral to the health of every septic system, and homeowners should make it a habit to keep their system clean and up to date as the years go by.

However, getting a septic system cleaning is generally not on the minds of most homeowners. It’s easy for us to become so preoccupied with our lives that we only focus on what we can see. When a crack appears in the siding of our home, we fix it. When our roof begins to become worn, we replace it.

But just because your septic system is hidden underground, that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Putting off a septic system cleaning for too long can cost you a lot of money down the line.

Save Money with Septic Maintenance

Depending on the type and size of your septic tank, it can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $11,000 to have it replaced. Most homeowners will spend around $5,000 but exceptionally large systems can cost way more.

While your septic system won’t last forever, purchasing a replacement can be drastically delayed with proper septic maintenance. Just like anything you own, if you keep it clean, well-maintained and in good working order, you can extend its life significantly. In the case of a well-maintained septic tank, it can continue to operate for decades.

Plus, you won’t have to deal with the mess that comes with a broken, leaking or overflowing septic tank. Take it from the people who do this for a living: this is something that no homeowner ever wants to deal with.

The Importance of Septic System Cleaning

Your septic system works every hour of every day. Over time, it will fill up and need to be pumped and cleaned out. This is because when wastewater is allowed to sit in a system for extended periods of time, sludge can formulate and stay behind in the system. When this sludge is paired with the excess amounts of waste entering the system, your tank will fill up and need to be pumped.

When you have a company like Grover Brown Septic come out and perform a septic system cleaning, we will pump out any excess waste and clean the system so it continues in good working order for years to come. Our septic maintenance team will get the job done quickly and with as little intrusion as possible.

Tips for Septic Maintenance

Besides having a regular septic system cleaning, there are many things that you can do and avoid doing that can help extend the life of your septic system, such as:

  • Not dumping coffee grounds, grease or cooking fats down your drains.
  • Avoid depositing materials that cannot easily be broken down into your toilet (including diapers, cigarettes, tissues, feminine products, extra strength towels, etc.)
  • Keep heavy chemicals out of your system: avoid dumping bleach, excess amounts of toilet cleaner and other harsh chemicals down the drain. These can kill the bacteria in your septic system that help to break down waste.

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Septic maintenance is important, so if you think that you may need to have your tank pumped or your system cleaned, don’t hesitate to contact Grover Brown Septic today. We will send someone right out to check on your system, clean it out and make sure it continues to function properly all year long.

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